Sunday, September 12, 2010

My favorite christening gown

A few months ago, I completed this beautiful christening gown. This is probably my most favorite christening gown - EVER. It is designed by Sarah Howard Stone and has 12 teardrop shaped panels - 6 are made of puffing, entredeaux and lace insertion; six are left plain to allow for hand embroidery if desired. It also features a round yoke with puffing, entredeaux and lace insertion. I made a bonnet to match using the same puffing, entredeaux and lace sequence as the gown. I remember looking at it on a hanger and thinking how beautiful it would be on the sweet baby who would later be wearing it. For some reason daygowns, christening gowns and baby things in general just don't look very pretty on a hanger.

Well, here he is - isn't he just precious!!


  1. How can I get one for my lil princess???

  2. I would like to get one like this for my lil princess. Im on Facebook friends Amy Hinojosa. Im very interested! please!!!

  3. Hey Amy!

    Facebook wouldn't allow me to message you. You can send me a message through my Facebook contact page or email me at