Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Easter Picture

As promised, here is a picture of the Three Sisters on Easter. I'm sorry that they're not all sporting big happy smiles, but their cousins were running around playing and I just felt fortunate to get them together and still long enough for a photo. Sara's and Anna's bishops are made of a lightweight linen that I've had in my "stash" for a while. I smocked them with "Linda's Rosebud Collar", which I have just about decided is my all-time favorite plate - in spite of the gazillion bullion rosebuds! It's so pretty smocked on a collar, a plain bishop (like these) or even on a straight yoke. I love when something is so versatile!

Now to give Emily equal time, her outfit was very cute, although storebought (ya'll just don't know how much it is killing me that she has outgrown my little dresses!) Her skirt is brown with white polka dots and trimmed in a cute brown/white striped ribbon. I guess if I tried hard enough I could still make things for her, but there comes a point when you realize it just doesn't look right anymore. I'm just enjoying being able to still do things for Sara and Anna; they grow up so fast!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Easter Parade . . .

I'll be honest with you: this Easter nearly wore me out!! I finally finished the last customer project on Saturday morning at about 9:00. I was really proud of myself though, because I had smocked Sara's and Anna's dresses back around Christmas, so I was a little ahead of the game and didn't have to stay up late Saturday night sewing, or so I thought. I went to bed Saturday evening and woke up in a panic at 2:30 a.m. (do you ever do that?) and realized that I had forgotten to hem their dresses! Well, I got up and hemmed them and then went back to bed. They were so pretty!

I'm running behind on uploading my pictures, so I'll have to show you Sara and Anna later. Here are just a few of the customer projects I completed this Easter.